Ian is a major protagonist in the series Gacha Quest

Appearance Edit

Ian is a boy of average height. He has rather curly black hair, Purple eyes and a light brown skin tone due to his race being Filipino. He wears a white coat with yellow-orange designs and a blue ge in the center. Underneath he wears a yellow-orange shirt. He wears white pants along with knee-length boots matching his coat.


Ian is a well-mannered person and is very caring towards his friends, he is shown to be very brave as he wishes to battle a Corrupted Cheery. He is also shown to be intelligent because he knew the only way to stop Elementia from corrupting is to defeat their leader. Despite this he was also shown to be quite gullible for he, and Sylph were tricked by Corrupted Cheery. He is seen making jokes at the end of the 3rd episode.

Biography Edit

Ian was seen walking around his neighborhood until Nikka asked him to come to Gacha Moon. Then, when he got there Luni made him a Gacha Summoner and sent them to their first mission. Upon arriving at Elementia, Nikka and Ian are greeted by Nekohime. When a corruption appeared he was able to defend Nekohime, convincing her that he was strong. Later, he met the Great Spirits of Elementia and was given the task of assembling a vanguard. When monsters attacked, they vanguard was defeated thus allowing them to invade. He then met up with Undine and she explained the situation. She requested for some warriors and he managed to successfully summon Nova Blade and Arbiter Keitoku (two 5-star units) and Grand master Claire (A 6-star unit) without Nikka's assistance. They met up with the others and found out Sylph was not with them and that Nova had found them.

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